Routed in over 135 years of English tradition, Barker men’s shoes are a must-have for your formal footwear collection. Our Barker range includes all the most popular men’s styles, from loafers and boat shoes to desert boots and formal brogues, all shaped by hand and crafted from only the finest quality, carefully selected leathers. Barker men’s shoes are manufactured using the traditional methods now abandoned by most, giving each and every shoe the unrivalled, unique quality that is only found in handcrafted products. Choose from a range of colours from classic shiny black and tan to dark browns and red shades and complete your formal outfits in classic, English gentlemanly fashion.

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Barker fertigt seit 1880 Schuhe in Northamptonshire, der Schuhmacher-Hauptstadt Großbritanniens. Barkers talentierte Schuhmacher wählen Leder bester Qualität sorgfältig aus, schneiden das Oberleder von Hand fachmännisch zu und setzen eine Vielzahl traditioneller Schuhmacher-Methoden ein, unter anderem das langsame, natürliche Gerben und das Polieren.