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Women’s Wax Jackets at CHO Fashion & Lifestyle 

If you’re looking for a jacket that does everything, a wax jacket is the answer. Surprisingly insulating, reassuringly weatherproof and effortlessly stylish, our women’s wax jackets here at CHO will tick every box. The wax coating provides a protective, water-repellent outer layer that doesn’t look too shiny or plasticy, while the cosy linings keep you warm and protected from chilly winds and biting temperatures. What’s more, the overall lightweight design of most women’s wax jackets makes them easy to wear as transitional pieces at all times of the year, so they’re so much more than just a winter piece. 

Women’s Wax Jackets from Premium Outerwear Brands

Here at CHO we’re all about the best brands and finest fashions, so we make sure our women’s wax jackets collection is packed with both. Of course, no ladies’ wax jackets range could ever be considered complete without a selection of women’s Barbour wax jackets, which features a variety of long, short and bomber-style jackets in the brand’s iconic styling. You’ll also find styles from Barbour International and extra fashion-forward ladies’ jackets from our highly popular Joules brand range. All of our brands have been hand-selected for their use of luxury fabrics, their quality and their attention to detail, bringing you a range of women’s coats and jackets that stands up to all expectations.