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Since their conception in 1932, men’s loafers have been a staple piece in the modern man’s wardrobe. The loafer is a classic and timeless shoe that can be dressed up or down easily. It is this versatility that makes it one of the most popular types of shoes for the modern gentleman as it can be paired with formal wear or casual wear. Men’s loafers offer a timeless silhouette to your outfit, discover the range of men’s loafers available at CHO today.

 Practical menswear with a high-quality finish

Unlike other men’s shoes, loafers are laceless which make them a practical shoe that you can slip into with ease. The high-quality craftsmanship which the designer brands create their pieces with will ensure that your footwear will last for seasons to come. Wear with a pair of chinos for a contemporary look that will update your smart casual apparel. 

Men’s Loafers: a modern twist on a classic shoe

Wear with invisible socks for a contemporary twist on a traditional look which will make you stand out from the crowd. Discover handpicked pieces from the likes of British menswear designer Barbour for shoes that you can wear at both casual and smart events. We recommend wearing leather loafers for smarter events and suede loafers for casualwear. If loafers are not the style that you are searching for then discover the range of mens brogues available here at CHO.