Home of the original pac-a-mac, K-Way clothing is famous for its stylish and lightweight waterproof coats and jackets. K-Way begun as a lightbulb moment when its creator, Leon Claude Duhamel, observed many disgruntled Parisians hurrying along in the pouring rain with wet clothes. Alongside the brand’s famous waterproofs, K-Way also produce a fantastic range of casual clothing from men’s K-Way polo shirts, joggers and sweaters to women’s casual K-Way jackets, all of which you can find in our latest K-way clothing collection here at CHO Fashion & Lifestyle. So whether you want to shelter from the unpredictable British weather or update your casual wardrobe for the new season, you can’t go wrong with K-Way.

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It was 1965 in Paris when the rain was pouring down from the heavy, dark clouds and ricocheting off the saturated pavement. The young man by the name of Leon Claude Duhamel who is spectating from the dry confines of a café as disgruntled Parisians rush by in wet clothes. Suddenly it hits him just like a flash flood during an English summer - lightweight, nylon pac-a-macs! And just like that, K-Way was born!